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human mrcup 001
Self-promotional bootles created by Humans for Humans!  :
To celebrate two years since our foundation, we partner up with the amazing illustrator Eduardo Ramon Trejo, to create a series of 3 bottles that we gave to our clients as a gift. The entire process of the illustrations and crafting the bottle was made with all the care and attention that our clients deserve. Each of the labels represents crucial parts of the philosophy at the studio.  The first illustration represents humans and its existence as intelligent and aware beings. Through our intelligence, humans possess the cognitive abilities to learnunderstand, apply logic, and reason, including the capacities to comprehend ideas. The second illustration represents Humanity's universal and enduring interest in space, driven to explore the unknown, discover new worlds, push the boundaries of our limits, and then push further.  The third represents the legacy of humans on earth. Our concern about leaving a legacy we can be proud of. The bottles were produced under a limited stock, they are printed by hand with manual techniques such as blind emboss and foil to highlight the care we have in every project we undertake. 
human mrcup 002
human mrcup 003
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human mrcup 005
human mrcup 006
Love the use of black, white and copper , just as their identity system.
human mrcup 007
human mrcup 008
human mrcup 009
human mrcup 010
human mrcup 011
human mrcup 012


Primitive House Farm by Monotypo Studio

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mrcup PrimitiveHouseFarm 01
Of course I love this set of products packaging by Mexican Studio Monotypo ! 
mrcup PrimitiveHouseFarm 02
mrcup PrimitiveHouseFarm 04
mrcup PrimitiveHouseFarm 05
mrcup PrimitiveHouseFarm 06
mrcup PrimitiveHouseFarm 07
mrcup PrimitiveHouseFarm 08
mrcup PrimitiveHouseFarm 09
mrcup PrimitiveHouseFarm 10


Dan Gretta Design

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dangretta mrcup 01
Of course, I love Dan Gretta work! Nice mix of vintage inspiration and modern design! 
dangretta mrcup 02
dangretta mrcup 03
dangretta mrcup 04
dangretta mrcup 05
dangretta mrcup 06
dangretta mrcup 077
dangretta mrcup 08
dangretta mrcup 09
dangretta mrcup 10
dangretta mrcup 11
dangretta mrcup 12
dangretta mrcup 13
dangretta mrcup 14
dangretta mrcup 15
dangretta mrcup 16
dangretta mrcup 17
dangretta mrcup 19
dangretta mrcup 20


Gmund by tolleson

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tolleson gmund mrcup 01
I have an book about Tolleson work which is my bible ! Their collaboration with Gmund is just perfect. Since the early 19th century, Gmund has produced the world’s finest papers. In a partnership that’s spanned more than a decade, Tolleson and Gmund have collaborated on the frontlines of an industry in transition. 
tolleson gmund mrcup 02
tolleson gmund mrcup 03
tolleson gmund mrcup 04
tolleson gmund mrcup 05
Tolleson also work on the swatchbook, an invaluable sales tool. The goal was to create a cohesive collection that would showcase Gmund papers’ performance capabilities and serve as a testament to each product’s artistry and printability. I have several of them and they are just candies for designers !
tolleson gmund mrcup 06
tolleson gmund mrcup 07
tolleson gmund mrcup 08
tolleson gmund mrcup 09
tolleson gmund mrcup 10
tolleson gmund mrcup 11
tolleson gmund mrcup 12
tolleson gmund mrcup 13
tolleson gmund mrcup 14
tolleson gmund mrcup 15
tolleson gmund mrcup 16
tolleson gmund mrcup 17
tolleson gmund mrcup 18
tolleson gmund mrcup 19
tolleson gmund mrcup 20
tolleson gmund mrcup 21
tolleson gmund mrcup 22