Method and Madness

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methodandmadness mrcup 01
Identity tools design by Roger Maynor, I guess the man behind Method and madness design and letterpress printing studio. If I do my job well, Method and Madness is the new name of Public Letterpress and Flourish Letterpress I posted about back in 2013! 
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Misc Goods Co by Tyler Deeb

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Misc. Goods Co. is the online shop and brand of Tyler Deeb. If social media has changed something, it is to know who is behind a name, a brand, a product. When you buy something for a shop like this one, you support a creative to let him do what he does best. I present Tyler story in the Walter Magazine, and I am pleased to share new images of his creations to celebrate the launch of the new version of the new misc-goods-co.com
miscgoods mrcup 02
miscgoods mrcup 03
miscgoods mrcup 04
miscgoods mrcup 05
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Nick Misani Fauxsaics

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misani mrcup 01
Nick Misani is "Minimalist obsessed with ornament • Lover of historical letterforms • Maker of fauxsaics" !!! He is also Senior designer at Louise Fili Ltd where he joyfully creates quintessentially Italian, historically-inspired design and lettering every day. He recently started a passion project called Fauxsaics: a series of travel-inspired, typographic mosaic illustrations. Selection ! 
misani mrcup 02
misani mrcup 03
misani mrcup 04
misani mrcup 05
misani mrcup 06
misani mrcup 07
Nick shares his work on his Instagram, and his feed is just amazing as it must be seen as a global composition of images, ordered by colors... I do screen captures as I really think it is the best way to experience it!
misani mrcup 08
misani mrcup 09
misani mrcup 10
misani mrcup 11
misani mrcup 12
misani mrcup 14
misani mrcup 15
misani mrcup 16
misani mrcup 17
Check Nick work here and follow him on Instagram!


Perky Bros

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perkybros mrcup 01
Perky Bros is one of my long time favorite studio, as I already feature their work here and there, and even if the Walter Magazine volume 1! Here comes a selection of their latest projects.
perkybros mrcup 02
perkybros mrcup 03
perkybros mrcup 04
perkybros mrcup 05
perkybros mrcup 06
perkybros mrcup 07
perkybros mrcup 08
perkybros mrcup 09
perkybros mrcup 10
perkybros mrcup 11
perkybros mrcup 12
perkybros mrcup 13
perkybros mrcup 14
perkybros mrcup 15
perkybros mrcup 16
perkybros mrcup 17
perkybros mrcup 18
perkybros mrcup 19
perkybros mrcup 20
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