Plume Wifi by Character

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characters mrcup 01
You must admit this would be much better for your wifi access! See full project on Caracter.
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Misc Goods Co by Tyler Deeb

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miscgoods mrcup 01
Misc. Goods Co. is the online shop and brand of Tyler Deeb. If social media has changed something, it is to know who is behind a name, a brand, a product. When you buy something for a shop like this one, you support a creative to let him do what he does best. I present Tyler story in the Walter Magazine, and I am pleased to share new images of his creations to celebrate the launch of the new version of the new misc-goods-co.com
miscgoods mrcup 02
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Creative projects on crowdfunding !

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In the past years, crowdfunding has become the best way to launch a project. After the success of my own Kickstarter for the Letterpress Calendar and the Walter magazine, I know how important it is to spread the word about a project! Here come 4 projects that I really like:

Wheel by Miniot

crowdfunding mrcup 01
The record finally gets the turntable it deserves. Wheel is a record player that's just a wheel.
crowdfunding mrcup 02

Jollylook - The First Cardboard Vintage Instant Camera!

crowdfunding mrcup 08
The vintage instant camera that works on Instax mini film, and is made from recycled cardboard!
crowdfunding mrcup 10
crowdfunding mrcup 11
crowdfunding mrcup 12

Design Canada

crowdfunding mrcup 14
The first documentary chronicling the history of Canadian graphic design and how it shaped a nation and its people.
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crowdfunding mrcup 16


The process is the Inspiration - House industries book

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HIbook mrcup 01
As a big fan of House industries I am more that happy to see the release of this big Inspiration book! Walter magazine readers may remind that volume one as an article about the VELO font and products... 
Here comes the pitch "Where do you find inspiration? It seems like a simple question, but like most things we do, we overthought it then overdesigned some 400 pages in an attempt to provide an answer. With topics ranging from fonts and fashion to ceramics and space technology, this beautifully-useful volume offers a personal perspective on the origin of ideas for creative people in any field. Presented in the honest, authentic, and often irreverent style that you’ve come to expect from House Industries, The Process is the Inspiration is a collection of helpful lessons, stories and case studies that demonstrate how you can transform obsessive curiosity into personally satisfying and successful work. If that’s not enough, there’s also plenty of over-intellectualized post-rationalization supported by hundreds of new images, our signature top-secret printing tricks, and thousands of Oxford commas. Most importantly, this book shows that there’s no sense in waiting for inspiration because inspiration is already waiting for you."
HIbook mrcup 02
HIbook mrcup 03
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HIbook mrcup 07
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HIbook mrcup 09
8.5″ × 10″ (216 × 254 MM)