Game of Stranger !

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stranger mrcup 01
Every year, Stranger and Stranger od an amazing self-promotion item! Here comes the latest one, which follow this one and this ! WOW ! 
stranger mrcup 02
stranger mrcup 03
stranger mrcup 04
stranger mrcup 05
stranger mrcup 06


Talas by Anti

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talas mrcup 01
talas mrcup 02
talas mrcup 03
talas mrcup 04
talas mrcup 05
talas mrcup 06
talas mrcup 07
talas mrcup 08
talas mrcup 09
talas mrcup 10
More inspiring projects by Anti at anti.as



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carosellolab mrcup 01
I think holiday is a great time to work on my own identity work. Now I launch the new mrcup-shop.com and mrcup-studio.com websites, I think a multi-cards would be great and this one by Carosello is really inspiring! I want to share it as soon as I see it on The designers league facebook group created by Tom Ludd... Tom who design a page for the letterpress-calendar.com... you follow me ? No ? Whatever, enjoy the images...
carosellolab mrcup 02
carosellolab mrcup 03
carosellolab mrcup 04
carosellolab mrcup 05
carosellolab mrcup 06
carosellolab mrcup 07
carosellolab mrcup 08
carosellolab mrcup 09
carosellolab mrcup 10
carosellolab mrcup 11
carosellolab mrcup 12
carosellolab mrcup 13
carosellolab mrcup 14
carosellolab mrcup 16
carosellolab mrcup 17
carosellolab mrcup 18
carosellolab mrcup 19
carosellolab mrcup 21


Tom Jueris

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We did it ! The letterpress calendar Kickstarter has ended and it was a great success ! The calendar is now available in the shop, the deluxe edition with wood engraved cover, and the normal edition ! The printing will start soon, I will keep you updated of course ! 
For now, some inspiration with Tom Jueris packaging ! Enjoy ! 
TomJueris mrcup 01
TomJueris mrcup 02
TomJueris mrcup 03
TomJueris mrcup 04
TomJueris mrcup 05
TomJueris mrcup 06
TomJueris mrcup 07
TomJueris mrcup 08
TomJueris mrcup 09