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Mr Cup ebook N5 promo
Hope you all are enjoying the end of the year and are ready for a brand new one ! 2017 was an other creative year and I plan to share about personal things on an other post ! For now let's focus on inspiration ! You can get a new ebook with 50 projects shared here this year at the www.mrcup-shop.com for 1€ only ! Here comes a selection of the most inspiring images published here in the past 12 months ! Enjoy ! (for the links, please browse the blog or check the ebook !)
mrcup 2017selection 01
mrcup 2017selection 02
mrcup 2017selection 03
mrcup 2017selection 04
mrcup 2017selection 05
mrcup 2017selection 06
mrcup 2017selection 07
mrcup 2017selection 08
mrcup 2017selection 09
mrcup 2017selection 10
mrcup 2017selection 11
mrcup 2017selection 12
mrcup 2017selection 13
mrcup 2017selection 14
mrcup 2017selection 15
mrcup 2017selection 16
mrcup 2017selection 17
mrcup 2017selection 18
mrcup 2017selection 19
mrcup 2017selection 20
mrcup 2017selection 21
mrcup 2017selection 22
mrcup 2017selection 23
mrcup 2017selection 24
mrcup 2017selection 25
mrcup 2017selection 26
mrcup 2017selection 27
mrcup 2017selection 28
mrcup 2017selection 29
mrcup 2017selection 30
mrcup 2017selection 31
mrcup 2017selection 32
mrcup 2017selection 33
mrcup 2017selection 34
mrcup 2017selection 35
mrcup 2017selection 36
mrcup 2017selection 37
mrcup 2017selection 38
mrcup 2017selection 39
mrcup 2017selection 40
mrcup 2017selection 41
mrcup 2017selection 42
mrcup 2017selection 43
mrcup 2017selection 44
mrcup 2017selection 45
mrcup 2017selection 46
mrcup 2017selection 47
mrcup 2017selection 48
mrcup 2017selection 49
mrcup 2017selection 50

mutti mrcup 01
I love Mutti tomatoes products and these limited editions put it to another level ! Amazing simple and powerful design by Ague Design...
mutti mrcup 02
mutti mrcup 03
mutti mrcup 04
mutti mrcup 05
mutti mrcup 06
mutti mrcup 07
mutti mrcup 08
mutti mrcup 09
mutti mrcup 10
mutti mrcup 11
mutti mrcup 12


Stranger & stranger latest projects

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stranger mrcup 01
Stranger and stranger are to masters for packaging! Here comes a selection of their latest spirits projects, but search for "stranger" in the archives to found a lot more like the ultimate deck or Ludlow Blunt.
stranger mrcup 03
stranger mrcup 04
stranger mrcup 05
stranger mrcup 06
stranger mrcup 07
stranger mrcup 09
stranger mrcup 10
stranger mrcup 11
stranger mrcup 12
stranger mrcup 13
stranger mrcup 14
stranger mrcup 15
stranger mrcup 16
stranger mrcup 17
stranger mrcup 18
stranger mrcup 19
stranger mrcup 20
stranger mrcup 21


Mr Cup selection 01

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I have more ideas than time! The redesign of this blog took much more time than expected, especially with the calendar and the shop, and the client projects too! I would like to post more here, I would like to post daily, but my days are only 24 hours... So, better done than perfect, I will more subjects/projects and maybe fewer images, but at last, I will post something! Here comes so inspiring project I wanted to share...

Vaughan Oliver Archive

Vaughan Oliver is one of the designers who inspire me the most when I start design in the 90's (yes I start in at the 90's but it was the 90's...). His work and relation with 4AD were my dream job: design album sleeves and all the tools of the record company... I had the chance to me him in Barcelona Offf festival this year. It is also there I discover Unit edition, launch a kickstrater for a book about Oliver archives... I would love to visit them such as I visit Peter Gabriel studio last may...
vaughanoliver mrcup 01
vaughanoliver mrcup 02
vaughanoliver mrcup 03

Forefathers group new website

I present Forefathers work 2 times (here and there) and the evolution of this studio is amazing! The projects are inspiring but their new website is just WOW! All the details and the way they present the portfolio page is my favorite... and the skeleton as the footer...
forefathersgroup mrcup 01
forefathersgroup mrcup 03

Glenn Wolk

The work of Glenn Wolk is fascinating by all the details and the number of creations by project... just lost yourself in his portfolio...
glennwolkdesign mrcup 01
glennwolkdesign mrcup 02

The illuminated bible by Dana Tanamachi

A designer is often asked to design the front cover of a book, and maybe some illustrations for the inside... Only Dana Tanamachi could be asked and able to create 500 hand-lettered illustrations for a new edition of the bible! The project is presented on this dedicated page www.illuminatedbible.org,  and I invit you to check the illustration index to have an idea of the work done by Dana...
illuminatedbible mrcup 01
illuminatedbible mrcup 03
illuminatedbible mrcup 09
illuminatedbible mrcup 04
illuminatedbible mrcup 05
illuminatedbible mrcup 08
illuminatedbible mrcup 06
illuminatedbible mrcup 07

Mayuscula new website

I also met Mayuscula at Offf, and visit their studio before they moved to bigger one in Barcelona! They update and redesign their website!
Mayuscula mrcup 01
Mayuscula mrcup 02
Mayuscula mrcup 03
Mayuscula mrcup 04

Ugmonk 9th Anniversary set

Yes, already 9 years that Jeff Sheldon opened Ugmonk! As I share here for the 6th and the 7th (forget about the 8th ??), Jeff always do a special edition to celebrate! Here comes this year package! 
ugmonk9 mrcup 01
ugmonk9 mrcup 02
ugmonk9 mrcup 03
ugmonk9 mrcup 04