SDCO Partners / Part 1

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sdcopartners mrcup part1 01
SDCO partners is the new name of Amy Pastre & Courtney Rowson studio, formerly Stitch design. I follow them for years (check previous posts here and there), and I am always amazed by the quantity of design they create while keeping their own style. They redesign their identity and website, again, and this is so inspiring... Too much things to share in just one post, so here comes the first selection...
sdcopartners mrcup part1 02
sdcopartners mrcup part1 03
sdcopartners mrcup part1 04
sdcopartners mrcup part1 05 
sdcopartners mrcup part1 06
sdcopartners mrcup part1 07
sdcopartners mrcup part1 08
sdcopartners mrcup part1 09
sdcopartners mrcup part1 10
sdcopartners mrcup part1 11
sdcopartners mrcup part1 12
sdcopartners mrcup part1 13
sdcopartners mrcup part1 14
sdcopartners mrcup part1 15
sdcopartners mrcup part1 16
sdcopartners mrcup part1 17
sdcopartners mrcup part1 18
sdcopartners mrcup part1 19
sdcopartners mrcup part1 20
sdcopartners mrcup part1 21
sdcopartners mrcup part1 22
sdcopartners mrcup part1 23
sdcopartners mrcup part1 24
sdcopartners mrcup part1 25
sdcopartners mrcup part1 27
sdcopartners mrcup part1 28
sdcopartners mrcup part1 29
sdcopartners mrcup part1 30
sdcopartners mrcup part1 31


The process is the Inspiration - House industries book

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HIbook mrcup 01
As a big fan of House industries I am more that happy to see the release of this big Inspiration book! Walter magazine readers may remind that volume one as an article about the VELO font and products... 
Here comes the pitch "Where do you find inspiration? It seems like a simple question, but like most things we do, we overthought it then overdesigned some 400 pages in an attempt to provide an answer. With topics ranging from fonts and fashion to ceramics and space technology, this beautifully-useful volume offers a personal perspective on the origin of ideas for creative people in any field. Presented in the honest, authentic, and often irreverent style that you’ve come to expect from House Industries, The Process is the Inspiration is a collection of helpful lessons, stories and case studies that demonstrate how you can transform obsessive curiosity into personally satisfying and successful work. If that’s not enough, there’s also plenty of over-intellectualized post-rationalization supported by hundreds of new images, our signature top-secret printing tricks, and thousands of Oxford commas. Most importantly, this book shows that there’s no sense in waiting for inspiration because inspiration is already waiting for you."
HIbook mrcup 02
HIbook mrcup 03
HIbook mrcup 04
HIbook mrcup 05
HIbook mrcup 06
HIbook mrcup 07
HIbook mrcup 08
HIbook mrcup 09
8.5″ × 10″ (216 × 254 MM)


Big Secret - Wood engraving

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bigsecret mrcup 01
It was really exciting to do the front cover of the deluxe edition of the calendar with laser engraving, especially with a design full of details such as the one Kevin Cantrell. I already did laser engraving coasters when I do wood projects in Bali, and I hope to be able to do more soon. Big Secret are the masters on wood engraving and did amazing projects such as Kevin Cantrell baseball bat or Terra poster (him again !) or Theory 11 limited edition box sets. Here comes a selection of their project... 
bigsecret mrcup 02
bigsecret mrcup 03
bigsecret mrcup 04
bigsecret mrcup 05
bigsecret mrcup 06 
bigsecret mrcup 08
bigsecret mrcup 09
bigsecret mrcup 10
bigsecret mrcup 11
bigsecret mrcup 12
artisans cards mrcup 01


Letterpress calendar final

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letterpresscalendar mrcup 12
Been very busy and only found time to finalize and upload the photos of the calendar I did at Studio Pression during the printing. The deluxe edition is sold out, but there are some copies of the "normal" edition left and are now on sale 10% off in the old and new shop!
letterpresscalendar mrcup 15
letterpresscalendar mrcup 17
letterpresscalendar mrcup 20
letterpresscalendar mrcup 11
letterpresscalendar mrcup 27
letterpresscalendar mrcup design1
letterpresscalendar mrcup design2
letterpresscalendar mrcup 35
letterpresscalendar mrcup 37
letterpresscalendar mrcup 40
letterpresscalendar mrcup 41