Offf with Adobe : visit Vasava Barcelona

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vasava mrcup 03
I am back from Off Festival, my 3td time there and always the same feeling: super inspired! As last year I was invited by Adobe France, who do the things well: putting all these creatives in the same hotel, bus and restaurants can only bring some great ideas! I will talk about that later. Let starts with Vasava. We were invited there to visit their amazing studio. I could not shoot really decent pictures because we were 50 peoples visiting, but I want to found a way to share the experience! I found them on google map, so here come some screen captures!
I already present their great book they design for the Offf festival 2 years ago. 
vasava mrcup 01
vasava mrcup 02 2
vasava mrcup 04
vasava mrcup 05
vasava mrcup 06
vasava mrcup 07
vasava mrcup 08
Here comes a small selection of their projects... very small because they have done so much things... Including the great socks they give us (and my daughter stole me at the minute I show them to her)!
vasava mrcup 09
vasava mrcup 10
vasava mrcup 11
vasava mrcup 12
vasava mrcup 13
vasava mrcup 14
vasava mrcup 15
vasava mrcup 16
vasava mrcup 17
vasava mrcup 18
vasava mrcup 19
vasava mrcup 20
vasava mrcup 21
vasava mrcup 22
vasava mrcup 23
vasava mrcup 24
Visit the studio here and see more of their work at www.vasava.es


Hyperquake . A Brand evolution agency.

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hyperquake mrcup 01
hyperquake mrcup 02
hyperquake mrcup 03
hyperquake mrcup 04
hyperquake mrcup 05
hyperquake mrcup 06
hyperquake mrcup 07
hyperquake mrcup 08
hyperquake mrcup 09
hyperquake mrcup 11
hyperquake mrcup 12
hyperquake mrcup 13
hyperquake mrcup 14
hyperquake mrcup 15
hyperquake mrcup 16

cards mrcup 03
As a I had a lot of message asking why the playing cards are not in the new Mr Cup shop, I had decided to restock them. To make everything clear, I do not design these cards, they are made by different Theory 11 or Dan & Dave, and design by worldwide designers such as Kevin Cantrell who design this year letterpress calendar front cover, Joe White who designed the 2015 one, Chad Michael and Jeff Trish. The Citizens, Contraband, Nomad, Makers and Sons of liberty are now available at the mrcup-shop.com
cards mrcup 04
dananddave mrcup 04
dananddave mrcup 05 2
dananddave mrcup 11
dananddave mrcup 14
cards mrcup 01
cards mrcup 02
cards mrcup 05
cards mrcup 06
See more pictures of the new Makers and Sons of liberty in the full article.



Perky Bros

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perkybros mrcup 01
Perky Bros is one of my long time favorite studio, as I already feature their work here and there, and even if the Walter Magazine volume 1! Here comes a selection of their latest projects.
perkybros mrcup 02
perkybros mrcup 03
perkybros mrcup 04
perkybros mrcup 05
perkybros mrcup 06
perkybros mrcup 07
perkybros mrcup 08
perkybros mrcup 09
perkybros mrcup 10
perkybros mrcup 11
perkybros mrcup 12
perkybros mrcup 13
perkybros mrcup 14
perkybros mrcup 15
perkybros mrcup 16
perkybros mrcup 17
perkybros mrcup 18
perkybros mrcup 19
perkybros mrcup 20
perkybros mrcup 21
perkybros mrcup 22
perkybros mrcup 23
perkybros mrcup 24
perkybros mrcup 25
perkybros mrcup 26