Second selection of projects of Barbers shops ! Check part 1 here.

 Barbero by Marat Marquez

barbero mrcup 01
barbero mrcup 02
barbero mrcup 03
barbero mrcup 04

 Barbierattoo by Mamela

barbiertattoo mrcup 01
barbiertattoo mrcup 02
barbiertattoo mrcup 03
barbiertattoo mrcup 04
barbiertattoo mrcup 05
barbiertattoo mrcup 06
barbiertattoo mrcup 07
barbiertattoo mrcup 08
barbiertattoo mrcup 12

 Shave and blade by Eskimo design

shaveandblade mrcup 01
shaveandblade mrcup 02
shaveandblade mrcup 03
shaveandblade mrcup 04
shaveandblade mrcup 05
More at eskimodesign.ru

Letterpress calendar by www.mr-cup.com
The calendar is now funded at 145% and it will help to improve it ! Running a Kickstarter is really an adventure and I thank you for being part of it ! We reach the second target and the pages of the calendar will be duplexed. Here come more details on the next goals :
So the next goal is to do a box set that will unfold to be a stander for the calendar ! Studio Pression already prototypes it and you can see a video on the project page here !
At the same time, designers continue to work on the project, at the begining of this article is  Renaud Orange design (he designs last year front cover). And I am very pleased that Radim Malinic (Brand Nu) climb on the bandwagon. Here comes his first idea (not finished yet !).
Letterpress calendar by www.mr-cup.com
Letterpress calendar by www.mr-cup.com
Here comes an updated sum up page !
Letterpress calendar by www.mr-cup.com
Letterpress calendar by www.mr-cup.com
letterpresscalendar mrcup 06


Who need to go to the barber shop ? (part 1)

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HaviCruz mrcup 01
I will soon post about the letterpress calendar that works very well as we reach the second target ! Check the project page to check details on the stretch goals !
There is so much inspiring designers and projects that I could post 10 times more if I have time ! Tonight I wanted to focus on Barber shop projects ! The above logo is by the Havi Cruz, as well as the Doberman Barbershop... Check his lettering work here.
HaviCruz mrcup 02

 Mercer Supply Co. by Peck and co

 peckandcompany mrcup 01
 peckandcompany mrcup 02
 peckandcompany mrcup 03
 peckandcompany mrcup 04
peckandcompany mrcup 05 
peckandcompany mrcup 06
peckandcompany mrcup 07
peckandcompany mrcup 08
peckandcompany mrcup 09
peckandcompany mrcup 10

Barbearia Porto by Oscar Maia

oscarmaia mrcup 01
oscarmaia mrcup 02
oscarmaia mrcup 03
oscarmaia mrcup 04
oscarmaia mrcup 05
oscarmaia mrcup 06
oscarmaia mrcup 07
oscarmaia mrcup 08
oscarmaia mrcup 09


Toronto Maple Leafs by Conrad Garner

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ConradGarner mrcup 01
By Conrad Garner : The 2017 season marks the Toronto Maple Leafs Centennial Season this year. I had the absolute privilege and honor of being asked to illustrate and create the artwork for the entire 2017 centennial season ticket package, tickets and cover. It is the largest project I have done to date with over 250 sketches and almost 60 finished pieces.
ConradGarner mrcup 02
ConradGarner mrcup 03
ConradGarner mrcup 05
ConradGarner mrcup 06
ConradGarner mrcup 07
ConradGarner mrcup 08
ConradGarner mrcup 09
ConradGarner mrcup 11
ConradGarner mrcup 12
ConradGarner mrcup 13