Lachlan Bullock

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Inspiring packaging and identity works by Swedish designer Lachlan Bullock!
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Kelli Anderson

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Past week has been crazy, and the next one would be the same! I want to post about Kelli Anderson work since I met her in Offf Barcelona, but I only found the energy tonight, as her work is so impressive in details and technique that it could not just be a "hey, look at this project" kind of post.

The spirit in which Kelli works is important to understand her creative process. When she does a paper camera book, it is a real camera which could take pictures, with paper and all the instruction to develop the images with instant coffee !!! Here talk at Offf was even more inspiring than what I expected, and if you have time, look at her project process on her blog, or this Adobe video.
 Here comes some of her projects. 

Russ & Daughters

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kellianderson mrcup 03
kellianderson mrcup 04
kellianderson mrcup 05

A Paper Record Player

This is a wedding invitation and real paper record player !!! More info here.
kellianderson mrcup 07
kellianderson mrcup 08
kellianderson mrcup 09
kellianderson mrcup 10
kellianderson mrcup 11

This Book is a Camera (really)

And Kelli offers it to me! And it works! Mind blowing! More info here.
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kellianderson mrcup 13

Other inspiring projects

kellianderson mrcup 15
kellianderson mrcup 16 
kellianderson mrcup 17
kellianderson mrcup 18
kellianderson mrcup 19
kellianderson mrcup 20
kellianderson mrcup 21
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Hatch Egg coloring kits

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hatchsfeggs mrcup 03
In term of self-promotion, Hatsh put it to another level ! Every year for the past 10 years to organize a coloring eggs contest, with a great kit! Here comes this year edition and older ones, and you still have some hours if you feel inspired to submit your egg at www.hatchsf.com/eggcontest
hatchsfeggs mrcup 01
hatchsfeggs mrcup 02
hatchsfeggs mrcup 04
hatchsfeggs mrcup 05
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hatchsfeggs mrcup 07
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Offf with Adobe : visit Vasava Barcelona

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I am back from Off Festival, my 3td time there and always the same feeling: super inspired! As last year I was invited by Adobe France, who do the things well: putting all these creatives in the same hotel, bus and restaurants can only bring some great ideas! I will talk about that later. Let starts with Vasava. We were invited there to visit their amazing studio. I could not shoot really decent pictures because we were 50 peoples visiting, but I want to found a way to share the experience! I found them on google map, so here come some screen captures!
I already present their great book they design for the Offf festival 2 years ago. 
vasava mrcup 01
vasava mrcup 02 2
vasava mrcup 04
vasava mrcup 05
vasava mrcup 06
vasava mrcup 07
vasava mrcup 08
Here comes a small selection of their projects... very small because they have done so much things... Including the great socks they give us (and my daughter stole me at the minute I show them to her)!
vasava mrcup 09
vasava mrcup 10
vasava mrcup 11
vasava mrcup 12
vasava mrcup 13
vasava mrcup 14
vasava mrcup 15
vasava mrcup 16
vasava mrcup 17
vasava mrcup 18
vasava mrcup 19
vasava mrcup 20
vasava mrcup 21
vasava mrcup 22
vasava mrcup 23
vasava mrcup 24
Visit the studio here and see more of their work at www.vasava.es