mrcup 2021calendar 01
The past months have been epic! After getting the Ephemerid playing cards with months of delay due to the current situation, we need to ship hundred of pre-order, and the calendars too. With all that, clients projects, launching a new collection of decks on Kickstarter and social media, the blog get the usual attention I gave it over the past... 14 years! It will be 15 years in June! 
Here are the final photos. Still available at www.mrcup-shop.com
mrcup 2021calendar 02
mrcup 2021calendar 03
mrcup 2021calendar 04
mrcup 2021calendar 05
mrcup 2021calendar 06
mrcup 2021calendar 07
mrcup 2021calendar 08
mrcup 2021calendar 09
mrcup 2021calendar 10
mrcup 2021calendar 11
mrcup 2021calendar 12
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mrcup 2021calendar 15
mrcup 2021calendar 16
mrcup 2021calendar 17
mrcup 2021calendar 18
mrcup 2021calendar 19
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mrcup 2021calendar 20
mrcup 2021calendar 21
mrcup 2021calendar 22
Still available at www.mrcup-shop.com


Presto Cosmetics by Studio Pros

posted in Identity  at 9.44 AM from Bolquères / France listening Glen Hansard
prestocosmetics mrcup 01
prestocosmetics mrcup 02
prestocosmetics mrcup 03
prestocosmetics mrcup 04
prestocosmetics mrcup 03
prestocosmetics mrcup 06
prestocosmetics mrcup 07
prestocosmetics mrcup 08


Funnel : Eric Kass

posted in Excellence  at 10.56 PM from Mr Cup Studio (near Arles) / France
mrcup funnel 01
I follow Eric for so much time that I do not want to say, would feel too old. Still so inspiring! He just launches some goodies that he sends me, check my Instagram and get some in his shop. Here are the latest and older projects.
mrcup funnel 02
mrcup funnel 03
mrcup funnel 04
mrcup funnel 05
mrcup funnel 06
mrcup funnel 07
mrcup funnel 08
mrcup funnel 09
mrcup funnel 10
mrcup funnel 11
mrcup funnel 12
mrcup funnel 13
mrcup funnel 14
mrcup funnel 15
mrcup funnel 16
mrcup funnel 17
mrcup funnel 18
mrcup funnel 19


João Neves

posted in Graphic  at 5.28 PM from Bolquères / France listening U2 How to dismantle an atomic bomb
joaoneves mrcup 01
 Great safety Matches  and vintage packaging projects by Portugal designerJoão Neves. 
joaoneves mrcup 05joaoneves mrcup 02
joaoneves mrcup 07joaoneves mrcup 08
joaoneves mrcup 09
joaoneves mrcup 10
joaoneves mrcup 11
joaoneves mrcup 12
joaoneves mrcup 13
joaoneves mrcup 14
joaoneves mrcup 15
joaoneves mrcup 16
I found João's work on this great article about Safty Matches design by heritagetype.com. And if you want amazing original boxes, check my friend Mark The Box SF Instagram or web site!