mrcup chadmichaelstudio ironclays 08
Another breathtaking item and design but Chad Michael ! They are now available in the mrcup-shop.com
mrcup chadmichaelstudio ironclays 09
mrcup chadmichaelstudio ironclays 10
mrcup chadmichaelstudio ironclays 11
mrcup chadmichaelstudio ironclays 12
mrcup chadmichaelstudio ironclays 14
now available in the mrcup-shop.com

mrcup 2021calendar 01
The past months have been epic! After getting the Ephemerid playing cards with months of delay due to the current situation, we need to ship hundred of pre-order, and the calendars too. With all that, clients projects, launching a new collection of decks on Kickstarter and social media, the blog get the usual attention I gave it over the past... 14 years! It will be 15 years in June! 
Here are the final photos. Still available at www.mrcup-shop.com
mrcup 2021calendar 02
mrcup 2021calendar 03
mrcup 2021calendar 04
mrcup 2021calendar 05
mrcup 2021calendar 06
mrcup 2021calendar 07
mrcup 2021calendar 08
mrcup 2021calendar 09
mrcup 2021calendar 10
mrcup 2021calendar 11
mrcup 2021calendar 12
mrcup 2021calendar 13
mrcup 2021calendar 14
mrcup 2021calendar 15
mrcup 2021calendar 16
mrcup 2021calendar 17
mrcup 2021calendar 18
mrcup 2021calendar 19
mrcup 2021calendar 20
mrcup 2021calendar 20
mrcup 2021calendar 21
mrcup 2021calendar 22
Still available at www.mrcup-shop.com


Ethan Kowaleski & 2021 Letterpress calendar update

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kowaleski mrcup 01
The 2021 letterpress calendar is now funded and we try to get to the 150% target to get the Deluxe edition fully printed in hot foil. Here is Ethan Kowaleski design and how it will look! Get your calendar here. 
mrcup letterpresscalendar2021 04
Here come some work by Ethan that makes me want to have him in for this edition.
kowaleski mrcup 02
kowaleski mrcup 03
kowaleski mrcup 04
kowaleski mrcup 05
kowaleski mrcup 06
kowaleski mrcup 07
kowaleski mrcup 08
kowaleski mrcup 09
kowaleski mrcup 10
kowaleski mrcup 11
kowaleski mrcup 12
kowaleski mrcup 13
kowaleski mrcup 14
kowaleski mrcup 15
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Thanks for support


2021 letterpress calendar

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2021 letterpresscalendar 01
I can not believe that I am doing this for 10 years! Yes, this is the 10th edition of the Letterpress calendar! It is now available on Kickstarter, here are the details. 
2021 letterpresscalendar 02
2021 letterpresscalendar 03
2021 letterpresscalendar 04
2021 letterpresscalendar 05
2021 letterpresscalendar 06

The cover is designed by me! But the idea behind this is a collaborative project: I ask graphic designers and typographers to create unique works. This year's edition will feature exclusive designs by Jason Carne, Talenta Priyatmojo, Kelsy Stromski, Ethan Kowaleski, Jef Millotte, Reno Orange, Francis Choquet, Salih Kucukaga, Grabuge and more.

2021 letterpresscalendar 07

In the UK it is said we use 4,861 disposable paper cups a minute, which is over seven million a day, and less than one in 400 cups are recycled. To combat this problem, G . F Smith has launched Extract, a paper that aims to rid the planet of the waste generated by disposable coffee cups lined with plastic.

2021 letterpresscalendar 08
As the last 6th editions, Studio Pression will print it. Here come pictures of printing last year edition.
2021 letterpresscalendar 09

Get it now on Kickstarter