The 2020 Letterpress calendar. Final photos!

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mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 01
Another year is over, another year is coming with all its promises and possibilities! Very happy that the letterpress calendar is now finished and all pre-orders are sent. You can order it at the www.mrcup-shop.com with free shipping until the end of the year. Here are final phots, mixing both deluxe edition printed in hot foil on dark papers and the standard printed in black on light papers. Thanks to Studio Pression and all the designers. 
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 05
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 07
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 09
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 15
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 18
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 24
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 26
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 30
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 32
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 02
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 12
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 14
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 21
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 23
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 29
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 33


New Sketch books and tools

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Here it comes!  I am happy to propose to you these amazing SketckBooks designed by Tobias Saul and handmade by LetterWish!
IMG 9533
IMG 9545
IMG 9547
I also have added some nice stationery items in the shops lately! 
IMG 8409
IMG 8412
IMG 8425
IMG 8426
So check the www.mrcup-shop.com ! 

IMG 8733
One of my favorite moment of the year: visiting Studio Pression to see the printing of the letterpress calendar. Always great to see a project coming to life like this! More on my instagram
IMG 8658
IMG 8679
IMG 8666
IMG 8719
IMG 8702
IMG 8824
IMG 8813
IMG 8838
IMG 8871


2020 letterpress calendar : get printing plates and more!

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06 cody petts plate
Sometimes, I am nostalgic of 2006 when I created this blog and I post things on only one place... With my 3 facebooks, 3 Instagram, 2 twitters and all the other way to post it makes me going crazy! Anyway, here is the latest update on the calendar! Printing should start next week and I am happy to say the deluxe edition with fully printed in hot foil thanks to a partnership with Foilco and Senses papers! 
I also open on a tempory pre-order shop with Backerkit where you can get the printing plate! It seems as a good idea as only 5 of the 12 plates is still available! I also propose printing proofs of the design you prefer. This will be closed when the calendar is ready so it is only for pre-orders !

Visit it here or click on the images.

03 Srdjan Vidakovic plate
And here are more designs I did not share here yet !
02 refiniry 43
05 Viktor Baltus foil
09 Salih foil
11 Benkamin Carr foil
12 Mr Cup foil