New playing cards in the shop !

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standards black 01
For those addicted to nice playing cards design, such as I am, I want to to have these new ones available in the shop! Standards by Kevin Cantrell and Provision! Look at these details! Check the www.mrcup-shop.com
standards black 02
standards black 03
standards black 04
standards black 05
standards red 02
standards red 03
standards red 04
TXI Provisions 04159 2000x1024
TXI Provisions 04176 2000x1024
TXI Provisions 04263 2000x1024
TXI Provisions 04317 2000x1024
TXI Provisions 04105 2000x1024


2020 letterpress calendar is now on kickstarter

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2020letterpresscalendar mrcup 01
Yes, it is this time of the year! Time of the Letterpress calendar! I can not believe it is already the 9th edition! And as for the past editions, it is now on pre-order on Kickstarter. 
2020letterpresscalendar mrcup 02
I design this new cover and Here are the Deluxe and Standard editions! 
2020letterpresscalendar mrcup 03
2020letterpresscalendar mrcup 04
2020letterpresscalendar mrcup 05
2020letterpresscalendar mrcup 07
2020letterpresscalendar mrcup 08
2020letterpresscalendar mrcup 09
2020letterpresscalendar mrcup 10
2020letterpresscalendar mrcup 11
2020letterpresscalendar mrcup 12
The idea behind this is a collaborative project: I ask graphic designer and typographer to create unique works. This year edition will feature exclusive designs by Scotty Russell, Milos Milovanovic, Srdjan Vidakovic, Nikki Mihalik, Viktor Baltus, Cody Petts, Jason Carne, Reno Orange, Salih Kucukaga, Jef Millotte, and Ben Johnston. Some of them are still working on the design and they will be shown as soon as possible!



Joker fan art

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86 urban poster mockup
There are things your planned and things that happen! I see the Joker movie trailer and it makes me want to drop everything and design this...
joker poster mockup
151 urban poster mockup
joker by Mr Cup
12 urban poster mockup
joker vinyl preview
More of my work at www.mrcup-studio.com


Creative Source Vol1 : High resolution files to download

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mrcup creativesource1 01
I am a graphic designer for 20 years! I have collected and scanned thousand of stuff over the years to have them ready for my designs: papers textures, ephemera, illustrations, photos... These are unique images you could not found anywhere else. Get volume 1 now in the shop ! 

This is a collection of 20 files featuring paper textures, old commercials, tickets, and other ephemera. Also included is a collection of the full alphabet in letterpress in images, all letters are separated in a photoshop file. Last but not least it includes the high PSD I used to create the main image of this pack. 

- 20 jpeg at 300 dpi
- full letterpress alphabet as psd file (40x40 cm at 300 dpi) will all letters on different layers
- PSD file of the main image (40x40 cm at 300 dpi)
- free license, be creative, do whatever you want with it.

This product is formatted to be used with Adobe Photoshop.


mrcup creativesource1 02
mrcup creativesource1 04
mrcup creativesource1 05
mrcup creativesource1 06