Creative Source Vol1 : High resolution files to download

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mrcup creativesource1 01
I am a graphic designer for 20 years! I have collected and scanned thousand of stuff over the years to have them ready for my designs: papers textures, ephemera, illustrations, photos... These are unique images you could not found anywhere else. Get volume 1 now in the shop ! 

This is a collection of 20 files featuring paper textures, old commercials, tickets, and other ephemera. Also included is a collection of the full alphabet in letterpress in images, all letters are separated in a photoshop file. Last but not least it includes the high PSD I used to create the main image of this pack. 

- 20 jpeg at 300 dpi
- full letterpress alphabet as psd file (40x40 cm at 300 dpi) will all letters on different layers
- PSD file of the main image (40x40 cm at 300 dpi)
- free license, be creative, do whatever you want with it.

This product is formatted to be used with Adobe Photoshop.


mrcup creativesource1 02
mrcup creativesource1 04
mrcup creativesource1 05
mrcup creativesource1 06


The letterpress coasters !

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coasters mrcup 01
Always a great pleasure to see a project coming to life! The new coasters are now available in the shop, and the wood edition is limited to 100! 
coasters mrcup 02
coasters mrcup 03
coasters mrcup 04
Get yours now at www.mrcup-shop.com


Mr Cup shop and projects update !

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mrcupshop update0719 01
Here are updates of the shop and the current projects! So yes, its summertime, so summer sale! Get Up to 40% off in the www.mrcup-shop.com
And for all orders done during the sale, you can get this tote bag for free! 
mrcupshop update0719 02
It also means the first edition of the Ephemerid playing cards are for sale! 
mrcupshop update0719 03 
 mrcupshop update0719 04
mrcupshop update0719 05 
Check this great review video ! 



Talking about the playing cards, the new edition is in the making, and you can now pre-order it here. A 4th edition is only available for pre-order and will be included with box set edition. 
silver white edition 01
silver white edition 02
silver white edition 03


I am also pleased to finally get these printed! Pre-order them in the shop and they should be with you in August! 
mrcupshop update0719 11
mrcupshop update0719 10



mrcupshop update0719 12
mrcupshop update0719 13
mrcupshop update0719 14
mrcupshop update0719 16
mrcupshop update0719 18


I am in USA right now and on the 19th I will spend my afternoon at THE BOX SF in San Fransisco! Follow me on Instagram for photos and live! 
mrcupshop update0719 20
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EPHEMERID playing cards - Precious metal edition

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ephemerid precious metal 01

Following the success of the first edition, here is a precious metal edition. Each tuck case will be letterpress printed with gold, silver or copper hot foil. A special box set will come with real metal coins to play poker like a pirate.


See all the details and support the project on Kickstarter


ephemerid precious metal 03


ephemerid precious metal 04


The tuck cases are printed with letterpress printing by Studio Pression in France. We us a copper plate which makes amazing details. During the process of printing the first edition, we took time to do some test of hot foil printing and paper colors, that bring me the idea of this new edition.


ephemerid precious metal 08


ephemerid precious metal 09


ephemerid precious metal 13


ephemerid precious metal 14


Not only the tucks cases will be different, but also the colors of the cards. Here are the details. I am not a poker expert, but I like to play with my cousin and nephew when we have a family dinner. But I always wanted to play with real coins. I want to have a going all with the sound of metal... I will be working with Fantasy Coins, as I love the coins they mad. I will also produce special dices with numbers on them. And a special box set will contain all the items!


ephemerid precious metal 23 


ephemerid precious metal 22


40855 new box 008 200 4


IMG 9899


IMG 9900


IMG 9901


See all the details and support the project on Kickstarter