Hungry Workshop visit and support

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I never visit the Hungry workshop but I feel so connected with them over the years that I feel like. I did a letterpress workshop with Jenna Hipgrave even before knowing she had this amazing studio. It was in 2010 in Brisbane! They also create their own goodies and I just love the new Heavy Metal pin. As support in these strange times, I buy them a bunch and have them available in the Mr. Cup Shop now. Shipping will be done at the end of the lockdown... Their work, studio, and their web site are so inspiring. Enjoy the visit.  (photos by Shantanu Starick)
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7 ebooks free for 7days

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7 ebooks bundle
I hope you are fine and safe. In these strange days, I took the time to create a new ebook with a selection of 50 inspiring projects of 2019. I also update past editions of the ebooks and in partnership with Adobe France and the new Like vous les uns les autres Instagram, they are available for free until April 9th! Just visit the Mr Cup Shop, add them to your cart !
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Stay Safe! Stay Inspired!



Anfora by H.U.M.A.N.

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Ephemerid playing cards : the collector's editions

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2 years ago I get the idea of my first playing cards deck, EPHEMERID, and the success of its crowdfunding changed my life and my business. As a collector myself, I know this feeling of special editions and rare items. While printing the tucks cases of the PRECIOUS METAL EDITIONS, I had the opportunity to work on very special editions. Studio Pression, my printing partner, was kind enough to "play the game" and we did new collectors editions.  

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Ephemerid collector mrcup 04
Ephemerid collector mrcup 05
Ephemerid collector mrcup 06
Ephemerid collector mrcup 07
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