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Projects selection N°22 : drink packaging

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A selection of 5 packging projects found on behance

Reticello by Harcus Design

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Abrogatto 18 by Alejandro Gavancho

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Black & Brew Coffee by Conrad Garner

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Pinche Mezcal by Human

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Manchester Still by Think Bold

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Creative tools in the Mr Cup Shop

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I love nice stationery and I am so please to have all these items available in the shop. Of course Iwould have prefer to have visit Japan and bring them in my suitcase ! Here are details :

BRASS Pen Case

The simple and minimal design of BRASS PENCASE is created by pressing a solid brass plate. The beautiful shape that resembles the body of a vintage car, is skillfully crafted by experienced pressing craftsman in Japan. The lustrous golden hue of the pen case deepens over time and bring anytime, and acquires the rustic appearance of an antique brass item.

BRASS Ruller

This ruler is made through the process of pressing, shaping, bending, and pressing it again. The function is so simple, and in a sense, that is why Japanese based delicate technique is required to make this item. One side of the ruler is tilted to make carrying and drawing lines easy. At first, this product will release a gold like color, but as time proceeds, the color deepens a gives a feeling of an antique tool.

The 6.5" scissor is made from Japanese stainless steel with a universal size. Golden body plus the proportioned size catches your eyes right away. (important to know that the scissors can not fit in the Pen case).

This is a pencil made in an old press factory located in Japan. This product consists of two parts, the brass made holder and the actual pencil with an iron cup. When this is not used, the pencil fits inside the holder, transforming into a compact “carry around” size. At first, the brass releases a golden color, but through its use, the surface starts to oxidize and the color becomes pro-found. 

It comes with 3 pencils and 2 pink eraser refills, so you can use our pencil for a long time and enjoy how the texture of brass ages with use.Added of this nice set is The Super Gold Natural Rubber Eraser which comes in an elegant brass holder and a beautiful black gold foiled box.

Wire Clips allow you to see through to the paper and show the vacant beauty. The mini and useful wire clips can be used as paper clips, message holders, decoration and more. 


Each items comes in very nice packaging !

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Garstone by Constantin Bolimond and Tamara Vareyko

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Designed by Constantin Bolimond based on an illustration by Tamara Vareyko, nice concept and rendering! 
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Also very impressed but all the "making of" images...
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Found on Behance:  Constantin Bolimond / Tamara Vareyko