Palo Túnel by Simil

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palotunnel mrcup 01
A great mix of vintage and modern design. 
palotunnel mrcup 02
palotunnel mrcup 03
palotunnel mrcup 04
palotunnel mrcup 05
palotunnel mrcup 06
palotunnel mrcup 07
palotunnel mrcup 08
palotunnel mrcup 09


Summer time : flea markets and local gems

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IMG 2536
I hope you are fine and safe wherever you are! I had the chance to visit a lot of flea markets over summer time, some of the most amazing I ever have seen, and I bring a lot of items back with me! I am happy to propose the first ones in the shop: Vintage Share certificates! For now here are some of the photos, you can see more at instagram.com/iammrcup 
IMG 2526
IMG 2547
IMG 2557
IMG 2614
IMG 2618
IMG 2622
IMG 2629
IMG 2632
IMG 2638
IMG 2646
IMG 2653
IMG 2662
IMG 2685
IMG 2689
IMG 2693
IMG 2694
IMG 2707

Adobe Local Gems

I also did a great collaboration with Adobe France : I share with you my adopted region, Arles and Provence.  Adobe asked me to illustrate my region, in collaboration with Gérard Trang superchinois810, it was perfect considering the beautiful images he made here! This creative project called "Local Gems" makes you discover my favorite cities: Uzès where I love to lose myself in the small streets, Arles where I have my studio since 2015 and Avignon. Despite these difficult times, we worked together on the various tools of Adobe, making our creativity speak. I combined his photos, watercolor stains I scanned, and old papers with texts and illustrations, I found at the flea markets I go to every sunday.
Check the full project here, and these are "parts" of the global image.
Sans titre 1
Sans titre 2
Sans titre 3
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FIORELLA'S by Refinery 43

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refinery43 fiorellas mrcup 01
Another great project by Refinery 43
refinery43 fiorellas mrcup 02
refinery43 fiorellas mrcup 03
refinery43 fiorellas mrcup 04
refinery43 fiorellas mrcup 05
refinery43 fiorellas mrcup 06
refinery43 fiorellas mrcup 07
refinery43 fiorellas mrcup 08


Studio MPLS - 2

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mrcup studiompls 01
Exactly one year ago I was in San Fransisco and I publish an update of Studio MPLS projects as I was enjoying so maple syrup for which they design the packaging! I wanted to publish this RISHI project for a long time but when I check their web site that just has fully updated it with a lot of new and inspiring projects. So here comes my selection, which goes directly in the excellence section following last year's post
mrcup studiompls 02
mrcup studiompls 03
mrcup studiompls 04
mrcup studiompls 05
mrcup studiompls 06
mrcup studiompls 07
mrcup studiompls 08
mrcup studiompls 09
mrcup studiompls 10
mrcup studiompls 11
mrcup studiompls 12
mrcup studiompls 13
mrcup studiompls 14
mrcup studiompls 15
mrcup studiompls 16
mrcup studiompls 17
mrcup studiompls 18
mrcup studiompls 19
mrcup studiompls 20
mrcup studiompls 21
mrcup studiompls 22
mrcup studiompls 23