Funnel : Eric Kass

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mrcup funnel 01
I follow Eric for so much time that I do not want to say, would feel too old. Still so inspiring! He just launches some goodies that he sends me, check my Instagram and get some in his shop. Here are the latest and older projects.
mrcup funnel 02
mrcup funnel 03
mrcup funnel 04
mrcup funnel 05
mrcup funnel 06
mrcup funnel 07
mrcup funnel 08
mrcup funnel 09
mrcup funnel 10
mrcup funnel 11
mrcup funnel 12
mrcup funnel 13
mrcup funnel 14
mrcup funnel 15
mrcup funnel 16
mrcup funnel 17
mrcup funnel 18
mrcup funnel 19


The 2020 Letterpress calendar. Final photos!

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mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 01
Another year is over, another year is coming with all its promises and possibilities! Very happy that the letterpress calendar is now finished and all pre-orders are sent. You can order it at the www.mrcup-shop.com with free shipping until the end of the year. Here are final phots, mixing both deluxe edition printed in hot foil on dark papers and the standard printed in black on light papers. Thanks to Studio Pression and all the designers. 
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 05
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 07
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 09
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 15
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 18
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 24
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 26
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 30
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 32
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 02
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 12
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 14
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 21
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 23
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 29
mrcup letterpresscalendar2020 33


Bureau Berger 2

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berger2 mrcup 01
I share about Benoit Berger's personal projects some weeks ago, here are commissioned works! Still amazing, still inspiring! 
berger2 mrcup 02
berger2 mrcup 03
berger2 mrcup 04
berger2 mrcup 05
berger2 mrcup 06
berger2 mrcup 07
berger2 mrcup 08
berger2 mrcup 09
berger2 mrcup 10
berger2 mrcup 11
berger2 mrcup 12
berger2 mrcup 13
berger2 mrcup 14
berger2 mrcup 15
berger2 mrcup 16


Harcus design

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harcusdesign mrcup 01
Nice vintage feeling packaging... full line looks so great...
harcusdesign mrcup 02
harcusdesign mrcup 03
harcusdesign mrcup 04
harcusdesign mrcup 05
harcusdesign mrcup 06
harcusdesign mrcup 07
harcusdesign mrcup 08
harcusdesign mrcup 09
harcusdesign mrcup 10
harcusdesign mrcup 11