Studio Born

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atelierborn mrcup 01
Another very inspiring studio from Turkey ! 
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salihkucukaga mrcup 01
Here a new selection of project by my friend Salih Küçükağa! I met Salih thanks to this blog! We shared a great time in Barcelona for the OFFF festival, he helps me to set up the Mr Cup shop at the market there and it was great to spend time with him, sharing about the creative process and inspiring each other! 
salihkucukaga mrcup 02
salihkucukaga mrcup 03
salihkucukaga mrcup 04
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salihkucukaga mrcup 08
salihkucukaga mrcup 11
salihkucukaga mrcup 12
salihkucukaga mrcup 13
salihkucukaga mrcup 15
salihkucukaga mrcup 16
salihkucukaga mrcup 17
salihkucukaga mrcup 19
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salihkucukaga mrcup 21
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Cup of Joy by Atelier Nese Nogay

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ateliernesenogay mrcup 01
Mr Cup like of good Cup of Joy in the morning ! 
ateliernesenogay mrcup 02
ateliernesenogay mrcup 03
ateliernesenogay mrcup 04
ateliernesenogay mrcup 05
ateliernesenogay mrcup 06
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ateliernesenogay mrcup 09


David A Smith - Traditional Ornamental Glass Artist

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davidsmith mrcup 01
Dave Smith is a name that has become synonymous in sign-writing circles with high quality, hand crafted reverse glass signs and decorative mirrors. Following him on Instagram is really impressive and inspiring, as he shares all his creative process, from drawing the lettering to all the making of the glass signs. He is, for example, working on one for Ludlow Blunt NY salon for months! Little by little, we can see this art piece coming to life. 
davidsmith mrcup 04
davidsmith mrcup 05
davidsmith mrcup 08
davidsmith mrcup 09
davidsmith mrcup 11
davidsmith mrcup 12
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davidsmith mrcup 19
davidsmith mrcup 21
davidsmith mrcup 22
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