Adobe Max 2020 is now over but, as everything in 2020, it has been... singular! From a company like Adobe, for which creativity is at the heart of their business, they have the do it well. I did not know what to expect but this was such a great edition. It is even the problem now, they can not go back to the live version only! These videos are so well done, it is like follow creatives in their daily life, inside their studio. I have watched a lot of the live stream during the 3 days of the event and discovered so many inspiring artists. A lot of the videos are available for streaming, but not all, sadly. Wes Anderson, Oliver Jeffreys, Stefan Seigmaster, Mark Seliger were only available during the stream but there are so many others you still can watch. Here is my selection of 14 sessions you must watch.
adobemaxselection mrcup 01 

Annie Atkins, graphic designer for Wes Anderson and Steven Spielberg and author of Fake Love Letters, Forged Telegrams, and Prison Escape Maps: Designing Graphic Props for Filmmaking, to learn how she translates her film experience into the artwork she creates for the real world.

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Neville Brody talks to us about his novel process for handling client briefs, what inspires him, and why it's so important to get design just right.

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Join Nick Sambrato, founder of Mama’s Sauce, in this workshop for beginners and fans of letterpress. We’ll begin with an overview of a vintage C&P press to get you familiar with the its different parts and their functions, as well as the materials needed. 

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Walk through a guided studio tour of Erik Spiekermann's letterpress workshop, as he discusses the creative process behind creating new letters.

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Join designer Kelli Anderson to discover how our unconscious biases can prevent us from seeing the potential hiding in plain sight in a world of limitless wonder and possibility. 
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Learn how DKNG founders Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman unlock the power of Illustrator, including live demos of the tools and techniques they value most. Along the way, they’ll cover their design thinking and the importance of concept development, with a peek behind the scenes at the working files of recent and favorite projects.


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A true fan (as defined by Kevin Kelly, founding executive editor of Wired magazine) is someone who has received so much value from you that they’ll happily reciprocate by purchasing anything you make. In order to be a successful creator, you don’t need a million dollars or fans, you just need 1,000 true fans.

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Designers often operate without fully understanding the public’s reactions to their designs. In this engaging talk, Pentagram partner Paula Scher will revisit some accidents — and some designs that resonated with audiences — to reconsider the relationship between design and the public.

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Join Bert, aka Musketon, whill show you how you can create very detailed illustrations in Illustrator. Bert will zoom in on his work and show his work process. 
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Everything changed for all of us on March 15. Here’s one humble account from Draplin Design Co.’s Aaron Draplin about how he tried to keep up with the times, and what he learned from his 5,000-square-foot universe.
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What do all successful creators have in common? A seemingly unwavering creative voice that touches everything they make. But where should you look for your creative voice, and how do you know when you’ve found it? Join designer Lauren Hom as she takes you on a tour of six unexpected places your creative voice could be hiding.

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Discover how you can create great artwork, no matter where you are, using the resources you have at hand. Illustrator and self-proclaimed “vector art monster” Rob Generette will use shapes gathered by his social followers with Adobe Capture to craft a final illustration in Adobe Fresco.
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Join paperboyo as he retraces some of his footsteps around London and shows us how he developed his style by combining papercraft and photography.


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 We all have our unique visions and narratives to tell. This session goes behind the scenes to show how visual storytelling can be integrated into brand identity. 
 There are a lot more available, so if you have other favorites videos you think worth a watch, please contact me.


Adobe Max 2020

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One of my goals is to be part of the Adobe Max market so I was so happy when they invited me to be part of the virtual one of this year's event. With 50 other selected shop, we propose you to buy all our creations during the 3 days of the event. It is the best time to support makers from all over the world. When you buy from small shops, your support families, and it is even more important this year. And hopefully next year I will be there in real and met you!

See all the shops here

Of course, Adobe Max is different this year as will be online. But you can come with me as you can travel while staying at home! The event is 100% FREE and ONLINE! Check this link and see the amazing content they propose. You can see great talks by Aaron Draplin, Kelli Anderson, Annie Atkins, Wes Anderson and so many more. If you don't know Adobe MAX, in short, it's all about innovation, talent, and expecting the unexpected. I wanted to share with you my past experiences of the market with all the goodies I have seen over the years! 
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Ethan Kowaleski & 2021 Letterpress calendar update

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The 2021 letterpress calendar is now funded and we try to get to the 150% target to get the Deluxe edition fully printed in hot foil. Here is Ethan Kowaleski design and how it will look! Get your calendar here. 
mrcup letterpresscalendar2021 04
Here come some work by Ethan that makes me want to have him in for this edition.
kowaleski mrcup 02
kowaleski mrcup 03
kowaleski mrcup 04
kowaleski mrcup 05
kowaleski mrcup 06
kowaleski mrcup 07
kowaleski mrcup 08
kowaleski mrcup 09
kowaleski mrcup 10
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Thanks for support


2021 letterpress calendar

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2021 letterpresscalendar 01
I can not believe that I am doing this for 10 years! Yes, this is the 10th edition of the Letterpress calendar! It is now available on Kickstarter, here are the details. 
2021 letterpresscalendar 02
2021 letterpresscalendar 03
2021 letterpresscalendar 04
2021 letterpresscalendar 05
2021 letterpresscalendar 06

The cover is designed by me! But the idea behind this is a collaborative project: I ask graphic designers and typographers to create unique works. This year's edition will feature exclusive designs by Jason Carne, Talenta Priyatmojo, Kelsy Stromski, Ethan Kowaleski, Jef Millotte, Reno Orange, Francis Choquet, Salih Kucukaga, Grabuge and more.

2021 letterpresscalendar 07

In the UK it is said we use 4,861 disposable paper cups a minute, which is over seven million a day, and less than one in 400 cups are recycled. To combat this problem, G . F Smith has launched Extract, a paper that aims to rid the planet of the waste generated by disposable coffee cups lined with plastic.

2021 letterpresscalendar 08
As the last 6th editions, Studio Pression will print it. Here come pictures of printing last year edition.
2021 letterpresscalendar 09

Get it now on Kickstarter