Studio MPLS - 2

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mrcup studiompls 01
Exactly one year ago I was in San Fransisco and I publish an update of Studio MPLS projects as I was enjoying so maple syrup for which they design the packaging! I wanted to publish this RISHI project for a long time but when I check their web site that just has fully updated it with a lot of new and inspiring projects. So here comes my selection, which goes directly in the excellence section following last year's post
mrcup studiompls 02
mrcup studiompls 03
mrcup studiompls 04
mrcup studiompls 05
mrcup studiompls 06
mrcup studiompls 07
mrcup studiompls 08
mrcup studiompls 09
mrcup studiompls 10
mrcup studiompls 11
mrcup studiompls 12
mrcup studiompls 13
mrcup studiompls 14
mrcup studiompls 15
mrcup studiompls 16
mrcup studiompls 17
mrcup studiompls 18
mrcup studiompls 19
mrcup studiompls 20
mrcup studiompls 21
mrcup studiompls 22
mrcup studiompls 23

mrcup oliveoil 00
Living in the south of France, Olive oil is part of my DNA! Here is a selection of packaging found on Behance.

Tessere by Constantin Bolimond

mrcup oliveoil 02
mrcup oliveoil 01
mrcup oliveoil 03


Metafora by This is Pacifica 

mrcup oliveoil 04
mrcup oliveoil 05
mrcup oliveoil 06

 Figlia by Superunion

 mrcup oliveoil 07
mrcup oliveoil 08 
 mrcup oliveoil 09

Kritsa by Manos Siganos

mrcup oliveoil 10
mrcup oliveoil 11
mrcup oliveoil 12
mrcup oliveoil 13
mrcup oliveoil 14

Inizio by Nastya Lukina

mrcup oliveoil 15
mrcup oliveoil 16
mrcup oliveoil 17


Projects updates : Ephemerid coins & 36 days of type posters and postcards

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IMG 0227
As everything was on hold during the covid crisis, things are moving fast now. I just get the Ephemerid coins that go with the playing cards project. I put more photos on Behance and You can pre-order them here. 
IMG 0240
IMG 0230

36 days of type posters and postcards

I also received the posters and postcards of my 36 days of type project. All pre-orders are now set, and you can order them in the shop!
IMG 0055
IMG 0128
IMG 0129
Thanks for support ! 


Mak Kaihang

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mrcup MakKaihang 03
mrcup MakKaihang 04
mrcup MakKaihang 05
mrcup MakKaihang 06
mrcup MakKaihang 07
mrcup MakKaihang 08
mrcup MakKaihang 09
mrcup MakKaihang 10
mrcup MakKaihang 12
mrcup MakKaihang 13
mrcup MakKaihang 14
mrcup MakKaihang 15
mrcup MakKaihang 16