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You may not know Grabuge, but you may remember Le Goff & Gabarra as I share their work here and there. I even visit their great Parisien studio several times and share about that here. The creative duo decided to change its name to Grabuge! In French "Faire du Grabuge" means "making noise"! Perfect! Camille Gabarra is a great photographer and you should follow him on Instagram too! Here are 2 of their recent projects.
grabuge mrcup 02
grabuge mrcup 03
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grabuge mrcup 05
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grabuge mrcup 07
grabuge mrcup 08
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Every time I do on of these post I say to myself "hey I should do it every month"... and then 6 months passed... Anyway, a new selection of inspiring project.

S. Meyer

selection24 mrcup 01
selection24 mrcup 02
selection24 mrcup 03
selection24 mrcup 04

p98a shop : Analog

selection24 mrcup 05
selection24 mrcup 07


selection24 mrcup 08
selection24 mrcup 09
selection24 mrcup 10

Layer Design

selection24 mrcup 11
selection24 mrcup 12
selection24 mrcup 13

Control panel

selection24 mrcup 14
selection24 mrcup 15
selection24 mrcup 16


Good movies as old books by Matt Stevens

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A personal project is always a great way to express yourself. I just love the latest project by Matt Stevens, he envisions some of his favorite films as vintage books! My selection, but you can see more on his web site.

UPDATE: Matt launches a book with all his designs, and you can get it here. 

mattstevens mrcup 03
mattstevens mrcup 06
mattstevens mrcup 07
mattstevens mrcup 09
mattstevens mrcup 11
mattstevens mrcup 13
mattstevens mrcup 15
mattstevens mrcup 17
mattstevens mrcup 19
More posts from Matt here, there and there.


Grant Gunderson

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Great design + great concept + Great printing = 2 great projects by Grant Gunderson
skagway mrcup 02
skagway mrcup 03
skagway mrcup 04
skagway mrcup 05
skagway mrcup 07
skagway mrcup 08
skagway mrcup 09
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