La Diplomate by Rice Creative

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ladiplomate mrcup 01
Great identity and tea boxes label by Rice Creative (in Vietnam) for this Bordeaux (France) shop ! What a small world.
ladiplomate mrcup 02
ladiplomate mrcup 03
ladiplomate mrcup 04
ladiplomate mrcup 05
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ladiplomate mrcup 06

witczak mrcup 01
When I see this poster by Poland lettering artist Mateusz Witczak, I want to have it right away for the studio and to propose it in the www.mrcup-shop.com. And it not only a hot stamping alphabet poster as it comes a folder with the design in a glossy colourless lacquer. From letter A to letter Z, from the first line drawn by pencil, through a graphic design process to the highest quality print craftsmanship execution. Every element is custom-made. The poster is 59,2 cm x 43,2 cm. Very few copies available...
By the way, the sale have started on the shop ! You can now get 20% of on the letterpress posters, the wall stickers, the found collection, the Walter magazine and ebooks.
 witczak mrcup 02
witczak mrcup 03
witczak mrcup 04
witczak mrcup 05
witczak mrcup 06
witczak mrcup 07
witczak mrcup 08
witczak mrcup 09
witczak mrcup 10
Get it now at www.mrcup-shop.com and take a look at the SALE too.


bau® mag by Mane Tatoulian

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baumag mrcup 01
bau/ magazine by Mane Tatoulian... wow.
baumag mrcup 02
baumag mrcup 03
baumag mrcup 04
baumag mrcup 05
baumag mrcup 06
baumag mrcup 07
baumag mrcup 08
baumag mrcup 09
baumag mrcup 10


Kingdom, Life & Bike

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madebykingdom mrcup 01
Unique bike for unique people ? Yes indead ! 
madebykingdom mrcup 02
madebykingdom mrcup 03
madebykingdom mrcup 04
madebykingdom mrcup 05
madebykingdom mrcup 06