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The letterpress calendar by mr-cup
Tomorrow, I will do a visit to Studio Pression to finish the printing of the letterpress calendar ! JC, the man behind it, works like a Christmas elf for the past days to have it ready ! Then it will be my turn to pack and send them !
If you haven't get your copy yet, hurry up as the wood cover edition is almost sold out ! Check www.letterpress-calendar.com, and here come some teasing details !
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The letterpress calendar now in the shop !

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So the Kickstarter for the calendar is now ended and we reach the 170% target which means we can print the box set ! It would be amazing, I am so impatient ! Studio Pression send me this picture of the prototype he made on real Oak engraved wood with the design of Kevin Cantrel on the box set/stander ! It is now available in the shop here.
Here come designs by Radim Malinic Brand Nu and Jeff Millotte who work with me at the Mr Cup Studio ! Only 2 missing pages included... mine !
07 radmi 1
09 Jef
calendar colors 13 nov
The idea was to launch the new shop but... it is not ready yet ! You can preorder the normal or the deluxe edition in the shop. It should be ready around December 10th and sent following ordering dates, so the sooner, the better...
calendar deluxe
calendar normal

box cover
Here it comes, the last week of the letterpress calendar kickstarter has started ! It is already a huge success as we reach the third target of 150% ! The calendar will now come in a box set which unfolds to be a stander for it !
What about improving it a little more with printing this box set ? It could feature the nice logo created by Kevin Cantrell, and information about the designers ! For that, we need to reach the 170% goal !

Get your calendar now !

For all those asked : yes, these improvements will be made on all the issues, Deluxe and Normal ! Talking about the Deluxe edition, Studio pression shoot a video on the wood cover engraving test and it is hypnotic ! Video is accelerated 8 times !
wood engraving preview
If you want to be the first to get the calendar, it is the moment to get it ! The Kickstarter orders will be sent by priority... Here come new designs, sent by Matt Stevens, Joseph Alessio and Renaud Orange !
02 Matt Stevens
08 Joseph Alessio
10 Reno
Only 3 designs to go (including mine, but I feel the pressure !). Here comes the updated version of the "sum up" image.
calendar colors 7 nov
I am just back from the great Adobe Max event held in San Diego where I was invited by the Adobe France team to cover the event ! A lot of great moments I will be happy to share details as soon as I can ! But here comes some images of the print article I did for the little blog in french we share with Geoffrey Dorne and Olivier Huard about the event ! Much much more to come but too much tired to do more ! Check more images on instagram !
mrcup max frenchpaper 03
mrcup max frenchpaper 04
mrcup max frenchpaper 06
mrcup max mamasauce 02
mrcup max NPR 06

Letterpress calendar by www.mr-cup.com
The calendar is now funded at 145% and it will help to improve it ! Running a Kickstarter is really an adventure and I thank you for being part of it ! We reach the second target and the pages of the calendar will be duplexed. Here come more details on the next goals :
So the next goal is to do a box set that will unfold to be a stander for the calendar ! Studio Pression already prototypes it and you can see a video on the project page here !
At the same time, designers continue to work on the project, at the begining of this article is  Renaud Orange design (he designs last year front cover). And I am very pleased that Radim Malinic (Brand Nu) climb on the bandwagon. Here comes his first idea (not finished yet !).
Letterpress calendar by www.mr-cup.com
Letterpress calendar by www.mr-cup.com
Here comes an updated sum up page !
Letterpress calendar by www.mr-cup.com
Letterpress calendar by www.mr-cup.com
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